12y12- 12 upcoming artists on 12th Jan 2012

12y12 featuring 12 upcoming artists held on 12th Jan 2012 at the gallery space located at Sasthamangalam junction Trivandrum.

Participating artists for this show are Anoop T, Anu Rency A Francis, Hochimin P H, Jagesh D K, Minesh Kumar, Nimmy Melvin, Prakasan K S, Rakesh Puliyarakonam T, Sajeesh P A, Satheesh K K and Shanto Antony. Each of them exhibits 2 of their latest works which will allow the viewer to gain intimate insights into each artist’s finer gestures. Selected works for this show highlights the synergy between mid-career and emerging artists, and all participants in this accomplished group demonstrate their own unique evolution and approach.
Gallery The Creant, established in May 2011, provides a platform for creativity, education and commerce. Previous show by Gallery the Creant titled ‘Trayati’ portrayed the works of 8 senior and highly accomplished artists. The Gallery is located near Sasthamangalam Jn, immediately as you turn to the Sasthamangalam – Pipinmoodu road.

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